Do what you love.

Why Interlutions?

We eat, drink, sleep and breathe the internet.

You probably already picked up on our whole obsession with the internet, right? And our passion for being the first to tinker with the latest technology and see what makes it tick. Oh, and there’s our mesmerizing ability to breath digital life into brands and turn consumers into electronic BFFs. Yeah, you got that.

But we never want to play down the fact we have a great time doing it. Sure, some nights can be long, some deadlines can be evil, but we’re like a bunch of kids playing with our best friends and our favorite toys. And, honestly, that transforms work into fun.

Exciting projects

Work with the most talented experts on the hottest projects for clients like Nintendo, Star Wars and Deutsche Bahn.

All you can drink – pretty much, anyway.

Coffee, water, cola, Club Mate, Cologne’s amazing Kölsches Wasser, Kölsch and pilsner 4 free – enjoy as much as you’d like – within reason, and while supplies last.

Bonus program for achieved goals

Make it rain!
We’re happy to reward our team for their hard work. Our most diligent employees get extra praise AND extra cash. What they do with it is none of our business… 

Fruit and sweets 4 free

We’ll make sure you have the caffeine and sugar you need to get through each work day – and fresh fruit to soothe your guilty conscience afterwards.

Great locations

Agnesviertel and Kreuzberg – any questions?!?

Further training opportunities

We’re happy to help you expand and grow your superpowers – in user groups, conferences or training sessions.

Employee events

Summer parties, anniversaries, holiday parties or just because – we’re good at finding reasons to celebrate 😉


Are you an early bird or a night owl? It makes no difference to us!

Job ticket

Cologne or Berlin? It’s easy to argue about which city has the worse public transportation. You can find out for yourself!

Community cooking

Sharpen your knives and get ready for the “Game of Hotplates” in our kitchen each afternoon.

An outstanding workplace.

Kununu Top-Company-Beratung - b.telligent

Kununu says we’re one of the best places to work in our industry. That’s no surprise to us. After all, we provide our merry band of internet misfits with a steady supply of super-strong coffee, chilled Club-Mate, killer projects and super-comfy conditions – the makings of a great workplace, no doubt.